Popular is a AR creative agency brand belonging to The AR Company. Popul-AR has 3 main services: Creating story filters and AR Ads for Social medias and develop custom apps.  We’ve been creating tailor made experiences for brands, celebrities and events since 2018 and have two offices, one in Brussels, the other one in Monaco.

Filter types

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non animated
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Fun and easy to share, Popul-AR filters are an innovative way to build up the relationship between your brand and your consumers.


Surprise and innovate during your events with Popul-AR. Infinitely customizable, our filters offer a drive-to-event solution and modernize its communication. Give your event a boost on social medias thanks to its virality.


Use technology to promote culture and remind more and more how much fun they are missing at your museum, exhibition and other concerts.

Complete your visitors’ itinerary, surprise them with new information without physically cluttering the space of your places of expression.